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As simple as it was to click on the lessons tab is how learning the game of golf should be, period.
You will leave a lesson at the Scoring Zone knowing what your responsibility is. If you do your
part,(the homework), you will improve! There are no tricks, that's it. You will be asked questions
to decipher what you are trying to accomplish, and you will be given an honest thorough game plan
as to what it takes to achieve YOUR goals! Too many instructors want you to fit their idea,
forgetting that you had an initial reason being there.  You will be observed, analyzed, and given
clear concise instruction and drills on what it will take achieve YOUR goal!  Rob Mack heads up
the teaching staff and has worked with pure beginners and aspiring professionals, so no matter
what your level he has the passion to help you improve!

677 route 208, Monroe NY 10950 845-781-3117
1 student- 1/2 hour lesson: $40

1 student- 6 x 1/2 hour lessons: $200

1 student- 1 x 1 hour video lesson: $90

2 students - 1 hour lesson: $100

2 students - 6 x 1 hour lessons: $500

3 students - 1 hour lesson: $125

3 students - 6 x 1 hour lessons: $600
* groups of 4 or more inquire about
rates & length of lessons *
Specialty packages

total 10 - $350
we cover each facet with 2 lessons on chipping, 2 on
2 on irons, 2 on woods & 2 on driver

Gamer - $700
pre-lesson on course evaluation to determine faults.
Unlimited lessons to fix these faults followed by
a final on course evaluation

play with the pro days - $150
2 1/2 hours warm up and instruction on range
followed by lunch
followed by 9 holes of golf with pro
those interested must register for open dates and prepay allowing minimum 48 hours
for any changes or cancellations, and ask about multi player discounts