The scoring zone golf range was opened in
spring of 2015, under new owner and
passionate golf professional Rob Mack.    

Rob, as many golfers, became
infatuated with golf after his first experience
with the game.

For a little backstory, in 1997 Rob was a junior
in highschool.  He loved competing in sports
like basketball, football, and boxing.  One
night Rob and his best friend at the time
Dave, were boxing (defined as winter gloves
and paper towels as mouthpeices, laugh).  
With some flailing and backhanding one of
them went down, falling over and knocking
down a set of dusty lady northwestern golf
clubs!  After one of the two was woozy and had
a bloody lip, and the other nervous he lost a
friend being reckless teenage boys,
Dave said "hey, you ever play golf?"

Rob replied "no."

Dave then said "its fun, we can play
tomorrow, ill show you!"

Rob said "ok"

It was a fall day in 1997 and Dave and Rob
headed to Lake Anne Golf Course in Monroe,
Ny which is now a hay patch and no more golf course.  There was no driving range nor practice green but it was $14 with a cart!   With zero knowledge of golf and a little
do this, do that, help from Dave, Rob shot 141 for 18 holes!! Now he had the itch.  Rob borrowed a 9 iron out of Dave's found set and rigorously hit golf
balls in a little 100 yard field by his house.  He loved the challenge and with not a lot else to do, day in and day out he hit balls.  Now winter came and instead of waiting
until spring, Rob would shovel a little hitting area of snow and a landing area over the whole winter!  Spring came around and his 2nd
time on a golf course he scored a 90!  Not bad dropping 51 shots!  In that spring Rob tried out for the high school golf team and succeeded, going on to play his senior year
as well earning a full college scholarship for golf and becoming an assistant professional at a local club and the rest was history, now here we are!